When Parenting and Empath Abilities Collide

My first instinct is to protect myself, then I kick into mommy mode and want to assist my children in any way that I can to heal them.
Empaths absorb the energy and symptoms of others. When we absorb ailments of others, we take them on as if they are our own. When we take on ailments, we can help to heal the other person.

Mysterious Health Symptoms. Are they Mine? #EmpathLife

Every time I have or feel an ailment that comes on out of nowhere, my mind starts to spiral out of control…. I’ve had so many random ailments over the past few years that I go from 0 to 100 and then anxiety will come running in.

I recently learned a trick that helps me to determine if what I am feeling is mine or not. #EmpathLife

Warning: As an Empath, “Meeting Hangovers” Can Take Up To Two Days to Recover From

Warning: As an Empath, “Meeting Hangovers” Can Take Up To Two Days to Recover From

When Emapth Abilities and Past Life Experiences Collide

I must have a past life connection to horse racing, because I always feel connected to displays such as this, including vintage trophies, vintage equestrian-related décor and even live horse racing, which I find a… More

Halloween Tarot Spread

Halloween is the time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. The veil aspect of this spread will highlight whatever limits or obstacles are currently in your way. Showing what those are will assist in their removal so that you can see beyond the veil.

Have you tried Halotherapy (a.k.a. Salt Therapy)?

Many people are turning to Halotherapy for its multitude of benefits. For Empaths, salt can be a huge grounding and energy clearing tool

As a Consciously Awake Person, Are You Spreading “Fear?” What if We Concentrate on Shining our Light Instead of Contributing to the Darkness?

In recent days, I have been amazed at how many (self-proclaimed) Consciously Awaken people (who identify with being lightworkers, star seeds, earth angels, empaths, or healers, etc.) are spreading “fear” about the Coronavirus, especially on… More

[Harlem] Wizards, Symbols and Signs and What about that Shade?

I am sharing this post with you so you can see how much those of us who are sensitive try to balance all at once while trying to act like nothing behind the scenes is going on. As well as how Spirit can help you out with even the little things.

Yesterday I was Keeping my Words in, and I Started to get a Sore Throat

Along my awakening journey I have learned that most dis-ease, body ailments, aches and pains that we experience in our bodies here in the physical world are related to our frame of mind and emotional state. I had an experience yesterday that is a perfect example of this that I would like to share with you.

Spirit said, “Watch and Observe!”

I share this experience with you to remind you to watch for the signs and symbols that are around you. We all have that little voice in our head that offers us advice — if we choose to listen to it. I say, listen to it. That voice doesn’t lie. And if you have something weighing on your mind, ask Spirit to show you. If you are paying attention, you will get an answer!

April 15th – Tax Day and a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

During one of my follow up visits with my Primary Care Physician, she suggested that I go and see a Rheumatologist to look into the possibility of me having Fibromyalgia. For me, I feel like a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis would be a death sentence.

Another Mysterious Health Symptom – Food Allergy or another Affinity to My Awakening Process?

I wrote this to help anyone else who is experiencing mysterious ailments and symptoms to not feel alone. Though I need to dig (inside of me) to find the root cause of my situation, perhaps you can relate to what I went through today.

Intuition, [Social] Media and Law Enforcement

This post is not meant to be insensitive to real acts of discrimination and homophobia, nor is it intended to downplay the dangers that our first responders face every day, but rather to discuss how those with strong intuitive or emapthic abilities struggle with what plays out in the media, as I bring up two different stories that had far different outcomes than what the media (and even social media) first suggested happened, in this particular post.

Are you Trying to Create a New You Around the Same Old People?

I came across this quote, “Stop trying to create a new you around the same old people” and it really resonated with me. It resonated with me on a personal level. I currently have multiple… More

Black Tourmaline is an Excellent Stone for Repelling and Blocking Negative Energy!

Negative energy can come from people or places in the physical world who have a low energetic vibration. A low vibration can be associated with qualities such as hatred, fear, constant complaining, greed, drama, and even depression. This can be challenging for Empaths; however, energy is contagious and you don’t need to be an Empath necessarily to be affected by someone else’s energy.