Monkey Mind – What is Monkey Mind?

In my Reading the other day, Jill brought up that I have “Monkey Mind.” My mind is mush, I know that much. I used to have it together – the house, the kids, me, a career. These days, I’m lucky to know my name and my right hand from my left.

I looked up the term: Monkey Mind. It is a Buddhist term meaning “unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable“. Yup, that is about right. That is how I feel on a regular basis these days.  I also feel that my head never shuts off and is in constant motion. For example:

  • My mind is always thinking about what needs to be done – House, Children, Husband, Volunteering, Work….
  • My mind is constantly looping the list of fears that I have, both real and imaginary. (One day we’ll get into that more.
  • My mind is constantly recalling hurtful things that have happened in the past – family drama, parents, siblings, in-laws, out-laws, work-related, friendship related, you name it.
  • I’m always judging the present and feel that I keep re-hashing the past.
  • And this big one, which is really no joke: My mind continuously creating catastrophic “what-if” scenarios of the future. (Another one that I’ll get into another time.)

I interpret monkey mind as the mental clutter that is stopping me from living in the Present and acts as  a distraction that is stopping me from being the productive person that I once was. It is time to get the monkey off of my back – or at least out of my mind!

Has anyone else dealt with this sort of crazy?

What have you done to get rid of it?


The stories and topics that I share are as I have observed them, as I have lived them, and as they have happened to me, along my journey. They are not intended to hurt anybody and they are told as I have experienced them. I have also done my best to protect the identity of the subjects in my writings. If you find yourself reading something and suddenly question: “Is that about me?” If that is the case it probably is to some degree because there’s absolutely some kind of lesson in there for you.
If the topics or stories on my blog or in my other writings are not relatable to you, then it is not for you, at least not at this time. We are all in different places along our journeys. What resonates with some, won’t even touch on the surface for others.

3 thoughts on “Monkey Mind – What is Monkey Mind?

  1. Hi, I am in the group on Facebook that you started. I too have many of the symptoms you had too. I think of the worst case scenario, but was a girl scout and taught to be prepared. I may take it a little to far though. I also have had times when I couldn’t tell you the name of someone I know well. I attributed that to having hypoglycemia, non diabetic, but since I have been meditating daily or close to it, I am finding my focus and anxiety episodes are fewer and farther between.
    I first heard the buzzing in my ear at a class led by a shaman on Nurturing Intuition.She is also covering being an empath and oracle cards and so much else. After hearing a hollow echoish sound in my ear, I asked the instructor what it could be. Suddenly the others in the class said they had heard it too!! The instructor told us that was a sign that we were hearing things our higher selves, or guardians, or spirit guides wanted us to hear. Boy, was I amazed!! looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!!

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  2. Hi Joyful2bee! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read my blog and for being part of my FB Group where we discuss the symptoms, challenges and experiences of a Spiritual Awakening . Ever since my symptoms started to erupt I have been told by so many that meditation is key in both relieving the symptoms as well as in advancing the “gifts.” I must admit, that I STILL find it hard to settle my mind to meditate. I have also learned, and have been told, that the more one represses or ignores their awakening, the stronger the health issues become.


  3. I still suffer from “Monkey Mind.” Have you ever seen the social media Meme that says something like: “My mind is like an internet browser. I have at least 19 tabs open at a time.”? Well, that is me. Juggling family and home responsibilities, a long with trying to balance an outside career. It is hard for me to quiet my mind. Meditation doesn’t always work for me. Reiki sessions and visits to my Acupuncturist seem to help me to get quiet. Listening to music also helps me.


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