A few years ago, I started to experience some unexplained and ever changing medical issues that Western Medicine or doctors never seemed to have a 100% answer for. Looking back at my journey so far, the Universe placed stepping stones in front of me that have helped me to learn that I am an Empath, a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and an Ever-Learning Intuitive Medium with the gifts of: Clairalience (clear smelling), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Claircongnizance (clear knowing), Clairgustance (clear tasting), Clairsentience (clear sensing/feeling), Clairtangency (the ability to sense information by touch) and Clairvoyance (clear seeing).

All of the “medical issues” that continually sent me to the doctor, different specialists and even to the Emergency Room on many occasions were all part of what I now know to be my Spiritual Awakening (or shift into higher consciousness) process. My journey has also led me to learn more about self healing and forgiveness.

forest backWhat is an Awakening you ask? Well, there is no exact definition, and no two “Awakenings” are the same, as the “process” (not so much an “event”) is personal and subjective, and can mean entirely different things to different people. When going through this process, we question what our purpose is here in this lifetime. We peel away old habits, things and people from our lives that we find no longer serve our highest good. We find that things that used to drive us, no longer do. And through the process, we have no choice but to face deep-seated issues and try to heal ourselves from things like abandonment or trust issues, anger or resentment, anxiety, doubt, fear or guilt, insecurities, negative self-talk or inner-criticism, shame, or jealousy – just to name a few. An “Awakening” is discovering and following our authentic self.

For a long time, I kept my “Awakening” a secret from those around me, including my husband. I started this blog as an outlet to share what I was going through, and as a way to find support, like-minded people, tools and teachers to help me with my transformation. I also created this space to be a support community for both those who are going through the Awakening process, as well as a place where those who recognize spiritual metaphysics can connect.

Going through a Spiritual Awakening is one of the most confusing, lonely, alienating times in one’s life.

I had never heard of the term “Spiritual Awakening” until I was knee deep in medical issues, but I have learned that it is a process that is completely life-altering towards the person going through it. It isn’t just a lifestyle switch, but a metamorphosis process of the mental, emotional, spiritual and even the physical body. I have also learned that it isn’t necessarily a quick process!

I have learned that an awakening can trigger the emergence and development of spiritual gifts that may be new to you, or you have known that you have had all along. Gifts like: Clairalience (clear smelling), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairempathy (clear emotion) and also known as an EMPATH, Clairgustance (clear tasting), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairtangency (clear touching) or Clairvoyance (clear seeing).

A person may ALSO experience:

  • Activity at the crown of the head like tingling, itching, prickly, crawling sensations along the scalp and/or down the spine.
  • A range of physical symptoms such as headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu-like symptoms (this is called vibrational flu), digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, racing heartbeat, chest pains, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs, and involuntary vocalizations or bodily movements.
  • Blurry vision, shimmering objects, seeing glittery particles, auras around people, plants, animals, and objects.
  • Changes in weight, eating habits and developing food intolerances.
  • Changing sleep patterns.
  • Communication with Spirit such as contact with angels, spirit guides, and other divine entities.
  • Dizziness
  • Emotional and mental confusion.
  • Events that completely alter your life: death, divorce, change in job status, loss of home, illness, and/or other catastrophes — sometimes several at once!
  • Heart palpitations
  • Increased integrity
  • Loss of interest in more extroverted activities
  • Left-brain fogginess
  • Memories surfacing
  • Seeing other people’s true form.
  • Skin eruptions issues such as rashes, bumps, acne, hives, and shingles.
  • Sudden waves of emotion, including depression
  • Visions, “illusions,” numbers, and symbols start to appear (i.e. synchronicities)
  • Vivid dreams
  • A deep yearning for meaning, purpose, spiritual connection.
  • A desire to break free from restrictive patterns, i.e. life-draining jobs, a consumptive lifestyle, and toxic people or situations.


When I was FIRST told that I was going through an “Awakening Process” (probably about 2-3 years ago, but the symptoms started before then) I found it CHALLENGING to find information, as well as I longed for people who were going through the same thing. Today, I STILL find myself doing so at times.

I myself am no expert as a lot of this is still new to me and I am always learning! I am a spirit-sensitive wife, “soccer mom,” and business woman trying to live a normal life as an Empath, a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and I have discovered that I have the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairscent, Clairtangency and Clairgustance gifts.

The stories and topics that I share are as I see them, as I have lived them, and as they have happened to me, along my journey. They are not intended to hurt anybody and they are told as I have experienced them. I have also done my best to protect the identity of the subjects in my writings. If you find yourself reading something and suddenly question: “Is that about me?” If that is the case it probably is to some degree because there’s absolutely some kind of lesson in there for you.

If the topics  or stories on my blog are not relatable to you, then it is not for you, at least not at this time. We are all in different places along our journeys. What resonates with some, won’t even touch on the surface for others.


***Don’t look for proper grammar, spelling and punctuation in my posts, as I just type and let it flow. ***

At this time, I do provide complimentary one-question readings. Message me for details.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for joining me on my journey!

You can read my latest blog posts by clicking here.

I also recently started a Facebook Group for those who want to discuss their Awakening with others who are going through the process: Guided by Spirit: Awakening Support Group -Symptoms/Experiences/Resources

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  1. I sincerely thank you for sharing the informative blog on spiritualism and other interesting relationships which entails awakening.

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  2. I am following you here. I love having access to so much information about a topic I am very intersted in learning about!! You are also a great administrators on our Facebook site. I really appreciate the diversity and numerous references to different topics. Thank you!!

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  3. Aww, THANK YOU Joyful2bee!
    And thank you for being a member of the Facebook Group that I created:
    Guided by Spirit: Awakening Support Group -Symptoms/Experiences/Resources
    I feel that others who are on the Awakening Journey all have something to share that can help others. And though no two journeys are the same, we all have something that we can learn from one another.
    Love and Light to you!!!
    – Maura


  4. Great read! I still get a lot of these ‘symptoms’ all the time, esp the tingling around the crown chakra, seeing coloured orbs in my peripheral vision etc I also take it as a sign I’m on the right track and that spirit is nearby. Very thorough post, thanks! Sharon

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